Disconnect With Ease

Do you remember a time when you could keep your mobile device in your pocket or purse and not have the anxious impulse to check it constantly? Do you remember when your friends, family and colleagues didn’t expect an immediate reply? LilSpace is the solution to your desire to communicate when you don’t want to communicate. You can put down your mobile device and pick up self-care. Focus on the people you are with. Focus on what you are doing in the moment.

Disconnect with LilSpace Auto Reply App - My Messages

Take A Breather

Feel the ease of walking out of a yoga class or business meeting knowing you will not have a barrage of text and voice mail messages.

LilSpace Auto Reply App - Create Message

Make Time For Yourself

Choose a theme for your LilSpace timer that tracks when you take time away from your mobile device. Relaxing visuals remind you how important being in the moment is for your mind, body and spirit.


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